Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Miss Old America

Hello Everyone, Today is the beginning of my own blog, something I've wanted to do for a while now. I've decided to look back on my life and the lives of millions of baby boomers, that have been so affected (in a good way of course) by the myriad of things Pop Culture had to offer us. My interests are vast, my collection is immense. I will try to bring a little bit of everything to this blog. I will touch upon my history with photos, home movies, my retro restaurant that I owned for eight years and many notable people that I have met, who had a major impact on my life. I will honor the notables as they pass away and also look back on the greats of the entertainment industry that have died over the last 70 years. This is not an understatement, but I eat, sleep and breathe retro and have done so for so many years. America or the world for that matter will never experience what the Baby Boomer generation did. It truly was magic through all the good and the bad and I never go one day without thinking about life as it was, people who are no longer with us and how it's slowly slipping away. It's something I hold on to dearly, and will continue to do until I take my last breath. Peace to all Bobby

Johnny Trouble. (Trailer) 1957

Johnny Trouble starring Ethel Barrymore ( her last film), Stuart Whitman, Carolyn Jones, Cecil Kellaway, Jesse White, Edd Byrnes and Jack Larson (from Superman) Black and White bad boy 50's movies....You Just have to love it....

Van Johnson, the Minstrel is gone.
August 25, 1916 - December 12, 2008