Sunday, December 14, 2008

Remembering Norman Fell

Actor Norman Fell died 10 years to this day on December 14, 1998 in California. He was 74 years old. Known mostly for his role as Mr. Roper on Three's Company, which is unfortunate for the many great roles he was in. He was real good as Sgt Wilentz on Dan August. He had roles in Oceans 11, Inherit the Wind, The Graduate, It's a Mad Mad World. This list is endless, Over 150 appearances on TV shows and in movies. I got the chance to meet him in 1996 at a Hollywood Collectibles Convention in Los Angeles and we spoke for a few minutes. We talked about Oceans 11 and he said to me you could never imagine some of the things that went on behind the scenes. He liked Frank and Dean. Didn't have many nice things to day about Joey Bishop and Peter Lawford. He was cremated and his ashes are in the Garden of Heritage at Mount Sinai Cemetary in Los Angeles. A good actor, but to me, he's not Mr. Roper