Thursday, December 18, 2008

John Byrne "Psychotic Reaction" dead at 61

Lead singer and guitarist, John Byrne of the mid 60's garage band, The Count 5 died on Wednesday December 17 in San Jose, California. He was 61 and had been suffering from cirrhosis of the liver. The Count 5 were only on the scene a little over a year before most members decided to go college. They are known for having one of the most popular garage punk songs, "Psychotic Reaction" in 1966 that has influenced Rock and Rollers over the last 40 years. 1947-2008

Majel Roddenberry Dies

Majel Roddenberry, actress and wife of the late Gene Roddenberry, died from leukemia on Thursday December 18th, she was 76.
She played Nurse Christine Chapel on the original Star Trek series and provided the voice of the Enterprise computer.
Majel Tribute