Monday, May 25, 2009

Retro Ring Dings and Yodels

Here we have my favorite childhood snack of all time.. I know they're still available today but they don't taste the same for a variety of reasons from our changing taste buds, to the preservatives they put in today's products.
If your old enough to remember, the Ring Ding Box came wrapped in gold paper and inside they were individually wrapped in gold foil. The Yodel box was wrapped in white paper and they were individually wrapped in silver foil. I distinctly remember laying out the foil and ironing it smooth with my fingers or a utensil. These 2 cakes were the best... There was also another that I can't find a picture of and it was called "The Ring Ding Jr.". It was always packaged by itself, much large and flatter. Drakes's Cake best product of all time!!!